Digital Marketing is important for a growing business

February 3, 2020by Digital Marketing0


Small businesses and new start-ups often focus their attention on how to get the first group of customers through the door. Even the old businesses that have relied on word-of-mouth and good faith have to compete with new and innovative technologies to stay in business.
Brick-and-mortar businesses are changing their ideologies and their business strategies to online models to beef up existing marketing efforts to attract the attention of the ever-growing lucrative online marketplace.
Digital Marketing is the process of capturing the attention of the targeted audience which makes a huge difference from a thriving business and a struggling one.

Reaching people where it matters

Have you been avoiding online marketing? Is it because you are not ready and you don’t understand the digital landscape? And you think it will take some time to figure out your voice and your digital image online?
The only problem with this approach is that more you delay more your customers are ensnared by your competitors. Your audience is online right now. There is a good chance they are looking for products and services that you can provide but if they can’t find you they will look for the next best thing.
If customers can’t find you online they may conclude that your business doesn’t isn’t legitimate. They may not take your business seriously and once they conclude that it’s very difficult to bring them back.

Digital Marketing is statistically backed

One of the reasons people are on social media is to buy products that are advertised to them. 57% of millennials say social media ads have become more relevant and 48% of people made a purchase as a direct result of Facebook ads.
However, only 45% of marketers think their efforts are bearing fruits. Online marketing is much more than just making an account and sharing posts once in a while it is all about a social media strategy that works.

A game-changer for small businesses

We have all seen Amazon forcing small businesses on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s hard to compete with names that are established in the industry.
That’s where digital marketing comes to rescue.
Create a website that is backed by SEO strategy will help you stay ahead of your competitors, hence, your website will be the first to show up on Google Search.  Google AdWords also, allows smaller businesses to hold a top ranking on the Google page.

Get comfortable with your target audience

One of the many gifts of digital marketing is the ability to dissect and study the demographic that you are targeting. Breaking down the targeted groups to be super-focused on a specific person or group is highly beneficial as the ads and content become highly relevant to them, hence, it develops a connection that has the ability to influence the decision of the buyer.
To makes sure your content reaches the relevant audience there are number of tools at your disposal including AdWords, which accounts for 64% of the website traffic. SEO which accounts for 80% of traffic from search results.
With search advertising, you can target people with a very specific challenge, goal, profession, education level, buying behavior amongst others.

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