Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

September 15, 2020by Digital Marketing0


2020 is coming to an end. This year with the outbreak of a pandemic, we have learned many lessons especially in the field of digital marketing. Let’s revise a few of them that are bound to become the digital marketing trends of 2021.

Online portal or eCommerce

eCommerce is not a new invention or trend but this year it turned out to be an important tool for sustaining business. Many businesses have survived the lockdown due to their online presence. A survey suggests that by 2040, 95% of all the purchases made, will be online. Our current times have witnessed the boom in online shopping. This is the reason why many of the businesses are still staying afloat in this low economy. Those businesses who have failed to have an online presence with their website are already on the verge of shutting down or have shut down. This makes the online portal one of the important digital marketing trends of all time.

Social media

Any digital marketing strategy is incomplete, without targeting the users present on social media. From being just the apps of infotainment and fun, social media has become a customer-centric platform to target audiences. Every brand has a social media presence to market themselves to their prospective consumers. Hence it is important to get the right messaging across to generate sales. Social media content is bound to saturate, so it is important to create a niche for the brand with creative campaigns and strategies. It is also an essential medium for understanding consumer behavior. Brands need to identify the right social media platforms, which can do wonders for garnering sales, and then create campaigns for the complete utilization of these mediums. Social media marketing is about creating engaging content, trust, and transparency.


In 2021 content is going beyond the parameters of video and voice. There is a drastic change in content consumption. A comprehensive brand story including long-term queries are proven beneficial for customer engagement. Content marketing currently revolves around live streaming, tweets on hot topics, memes, and contest. Video content can help you generate leads if used wisely. Content is one of the powerful digital marketing trends that can never fade with time.


SEO is an incredible part of the digital marketing strategy, which is effective in attracting leads and generating potential sales. SEO can be used in bettering user experience on the website. Having SEO on the websites can help you track the efficacy of that site to reach its consumers. A complete user experience revolves around factors such as loading time, CTAs, catchy content, easy navigation that will lead to purchase, etc. These all play a crucial role while creating a website, and optimizing these aspects of the website can enhance the engagement.

Hashtags and Virality

Achieving virality is difficult, not impossible. One of the amazing case studies of virality is tik-tok. Gen-Z is always in search of viral content, wanting to create some. Hashtags can help you one-up your virality game. Nowadays, brands are using viral hashtags and creating content around it to get attention. Viral marketing can help your brand have maximum reach with the right kind of strategy and medium.

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