Future Of Marketing Automation In Digital Marketing

January 15, 2021by Digital Marketing0


Every expert marketer and entrepreneur is tied up with the day’s routine of social media marketing, emailing, and interacting with potential customers to market their business, brand, and service. Every marketer handles this ball game of digital marketing services while attending meetings or briefing sessions. At times, it becomes difficult for you to strategize trends for growing your business or brands. Now here’s the solution for you to ease your workload with marketing automation tools that can simplify your daily tasks while saving time.

74% of digital marketers consider automation tools as time saviors. Online marketing tools are known to save time, and contribute to the business by automating regular social media marketing, emailing marketing, and PPC tasks that entail digital marketing services. These automation tools enable you to formulate and send an apt message for the target audience. Here are the different types of automation that if used efficiently can multiply your efficiency in driving profits for your business.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

This automation enables you to build on the strategy by laying out the automated workflow for every consumer present on every app. Based on the data of every consumer’s journey, you can automate the process of converting leads into the potential consumers. By understanding customers, one can create email marketing campaigns and social media marketing campaigns with ease through this tool. Some tools related to Omnichannel are Marketo, Smartech, WebEngage, etc.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation allows you to segment customers and leads to send apt messages to them. It enables you to design customized drip campaigns that can lead customers to purchase. You can also create interactive email templates for acquiring feedbacks, creating high brand recall, and gain loyal customers. Some email marketing automation tools are ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Drip, etc.

Social Media Marketing Automation

Around 94% of marketers rely on social media marketing for content distribution. This automation allows you to automate social media posting, tracking engagement, creating interactive stories, and measuring reach. In fact, it helps you to understand your customers’ psychographics giving you insights in generating customized content for them. It allows you to monitor and track brand interactions, along with analyzing data to leverage social media campaigns. Some of the effective social media automation tools are HootSuite, AgoraPulse, SproutSocial, Buffer, etc.

SEO & PPC Automation

For every B2B brand or business, SEO services, PPC, and Google Display Ads are the important services of digital marketing services. This automation enables you to run multiple campaigns across all the platforms along with the creation of an interactive campaign strategy to engage inactive consumers. It offers you access to the campaign analytics, campaign ROIs data that will help you in improving your strategy in the future. With this automation, one can effectively optimize keywords of SEO services and strategy on social media and all other online platforms.

Basically, the future of marketing automation is in perceiving customer’s online behaviour, segmenting them on the basis of the data, and creating personalized marketing campaigns to target and convert them.

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