8 Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Probably Don’t Know

April 9, 2020by Digital Marketing0


Being a small business owner, it is important to have your digital or social media game up for gaining the attention of potential consumers. But sometimes you might feel that you are left behind in the race of getting noticed by your consumers, which is why here are the 8 essential and secret digital marketing tips for taking your digital marketing game ahead of the curve.

1. Less Is More In Digital Space

Putting all the eggs in one basket seems like the right thing but it won’t help you in the long run. If you think your business can gain more profits by having multiple social media accounts and running several campaigns on them, then you might be wrong. It’s important to have your focus in place and not all over the place in order to track the outcomes of campaigns. Consistency is another aspect that is important to grow business via digital marketing. Like having consistency in blogging to build a base for the customers and consistency in SEO, use of social media accounts and campaigns in order to get the desired results.

2. Find The Favourite Social Media For Your Business

This is one of the important digital marketing tips that will help you tap the right nerve for your brand. The main motto of running the campaigns on social media is to find out the social interaction and the platform, which gives you more social interactions, leads or queries. For example, if you are running a brand campaign on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and you get more tractions from Instagram it is important to build your campaign focussed on Instagrammers. This will help you to find a place for your brand on social media.

3. Opting For Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a great way to create awareness and sales for your brand. Currently, influencer marketing is topping the list of every brand is considered as one of the effective methods. It’s basically a celebrity or a public figure spilling few words about your brands, which can garner more likes for your brand leading to sales. Influencer marketing is useful in creating brand promotions, credibility and tapping into the broader target audience.

4. Importance Of Maintaining An Email List

Having an email list might seem cliché but it is a responsive and valuable asset that one can possess which your competitor might not even consider as an option. Trying to build a social media following is important, but an email list is a key to turn these cold leads from the followers into the actual buyers.

5. Always Follow The 80-20 Content Rule

80% of your brand content should communicate value and 20% of it should be focused on promotions. Value means the brand USPs, messaging and problem-solving communication relevant to the target audience. The best way to apply this rule is by making use of blogs, which are cost-effective in creating brand loyalty as they add the human element of story-telling to it.

6. Making Use Of SEO Strategy

SEO is something which is known by every small business owner but they might not be knowing what wonders SEO can do for a business. Having a business name, which is ranked by the SEO can increase the page ranking of the business leading to higher brand visibility. SEO covers areas like:

  • Website optimization
  • Page optimization
  • Device optimization
  • Credible link building

7. Know When To Use PPC Campaigns

Pay per click campaign is an effective tool but not always. They may also cause more loss than profits when they fail to convert cold leads into sales. In order to increase the efficacy of this tool, you have to create a compelling offer, along with amazing website content and PPC ads curated to target your potential consumers.

8. Improving The User Experience Of Your Website

Ultimately everything boils to consumers visiting your website for making the purchase, hence it is important to have a kickass website that will enhance and ease their buying experience. An ideal website is the one which doesn’t give time to the buyer for changing his/her mind. It is quick, easy and simple in its communication and navigation.

These unique digital marketing tips can help to augment your business taking you ahead of your competitors.

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