How Has COVID-19 Altered Consumer Behaviour On Social Media?

May 8, 2020by Digital Marketing0


The current situation caused by COVID-19 has forced us to stay home and follow the rules of the lockdown protocol. This scenario has affected our lifestyle and many businesses but has it affected consumer behaviour on social media. Let’s find out.

1. Increase In Social Media Consumption

Nowadays, the most consumed content on the web comes from social media marketing. Earlier people consumed social media during breaks or while traveling, but now with the lockdown, the hours of consumption have increased exponentially. With extra disposable hours in hand, people are spending 20% more time on apps like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook now. The reason people prefer social media because there’s plenty of engaging content that one can never run out of.

2. Favouring Sensibility

Earlier, it was easy for brands to grab consumer’s attention by making use of every opportunity on every social media platform as a part of their social media marketing strategy. Now, it has been noticed that consumers or viewers favour brands that are trying to bring a change by helping people cope with the crisis. Brands that change their means to reach the consumers by promoting or ensuring the hygiene protocols and safety of their workers or customers are more appreciated. Ads with powerful, sensible, and meaningful messages are more viewed by the viewers.

3. Increase In The Rate Of Engaging Content

With consumers and viewers becoming content creators, there’s an increase in the rate of engaging content. People have more time to follow their hobbies and get more creative, hence they are posting videos or posts like cooking tutorials, home decoration, crafts on social media. This is making social media an important source of infotainment and engagement.

4. More Number Of Active Social Media Users

In 2019, the number of social media users was about 3.4 billion. With people being forced to stay at home, they have taken resort to social media to cure their boredom. It has been estimated by digital marketers that there’s an increase in the number of active social media users. Brands can make good use of this opportunity by taking the help of digital marketing services for reaching out to the audiences and to increase followers or viewership.

5. Shift In The Content Preference

With lockdown, health, and safety concerns coming into the picture, there’s a huge change in the type of content that consumers want to see or consume. Before lockdown, with food delivery apps in usage, pages, brands, or blogs associated with food and beverages enticed the viewers or customers. Now the scenario has changed, with people indulging in self-care and fitness, there’s a stark rise in the viewership, users, and followers for health and fitness pages, apps, or brands. Many viewers are also creating healthcare content, by updating their social media accounts with fitness and exercise regime. It is the health and fitness that has become the centre of attention for many.

Agencies offering digital marketing services should always keep a track of such trends and change in consumer behaviour, to gain more likes, followers, and views for their brands in the times of lockdown.

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